April 2016


The STUDENT EDUCATION LOANS Organization has confirmed that students will get (or already have) their maintenance loan products or grants for the summer term as regular.

But if you are in hardship, despite having that payment, examine if your university includes a hardship fund you can apply to.

Perform I have to pay lease for the ultimate term?

Many college students won’t have eliminated back to their university accommodation for the 3rd term, particularly because so many institutions possess suspended all face-to-face teaching.

Some universities such as for example UCL in London have mentioned they haven’t billed accommodation fees for learners who aren’t living in halls in the summertime phrase. Newcastle University has said that students surviving in university-owned lodging were released from agreements on 29 March provided they’d followed university guidance to come back home, emptied their space and came back keys.

Policies perform differ between universities though, so if in doubt, get in touch with yours to discover what it’s performing.

I’m renting from the landlord, how about me?

If you are in private rental lodging, you might have signed a tenancy until the end of the educational year, so it is likely you need to pay out the agreed rent before end of the agreement. However, speak to your landlord – for instance, if expenses are included and non-e of you may be there, find if the landlord will consent to decrease the amount you pay.

If you cannot pay the rent… nicely, you’ve exactly the same rental privileges as everybody else at this period, so you can not be evicted. Again, good communication is key, therefore if this is actually the case, explain your position to your landlord, so at least they’re educated.

AM I GOING TO get a tuition charge refund if my university isn’t running face-to-face courses?

We’ve examined with several universities and all reveal that they’re delivering teaching and that learning sources are available online, therefore they don’t possess plans to problem any refunds for tuition costs for the 2019/20 academic calendar year.

Government ministers have finally said that students in England will need to pay complete tuition fees in the 2020/21 academic year whether universities are back again to face-to-encounter training by the autumn. The Welsh Government in addition has said there won’t be a decrease in tuition fees next 12 months for students learning there. And the Northern Irish Federal government hasn’t directed universities to waive or lower tuition charges there.

In Scotland, Scottish students don’t pay out tuition fees, which will still be the case. However the Scottish Govt has confirmed that college students from other UK countries will have to spend full tuition costs in the 2020/21 academic yr.

There’s one chink of light right here. If any students should do extra terms that exceed the anticipated completion of their program because tuition couldn’t become offered or the tuition supplied wasn’t of a typical to earn their level, their university will not be in a position to charge tuition fees for any extra conditions.

Imagine if I don’t believe my tuition has already been worth the amount of money?

In the event that you feel that the teaching was not up to scratch, it is possible to complain in the standard ways. This can mean a complaint 1st to your university which consists of internal procedure.

If it doesn’t help, you can escalate your complaint to the Workplace of the Independent Adjudicator , which functions being an ombudsman for university learners in England and Wales (furthermore see its coronavirus assist ).

If in Scotland, it is possible to address your issues to the Scottish Public Providers Ombudsman and in Northern Ireland, it is the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman .